Educational Resource for Becoming a Self-Leader

Educational Resource for Self-Leadership - 16 part video series on how to be a better Self-Leader from Leadershipyou.comI love my job, I’m lucky to be working for a serial entrepreneur who constantly challenges me and lets me spread my wings.

After having my baby, I decided to only return to work part-time. This meant that I needed to resign my position as Human Resource Director and focus on tasks that weren’t as deadline driven.

I have loved the chance to work on the creative side of business, particularly since so much of what I’m doing ties in with this blog.

Anyway, we have finally got one of our largest projects up and running.

LeadershipYou is an educational resource site dedicated to empowering viewers with effective leadership skills.

The project was the brainchild of my boss John Shufeldt.  John is hard to describe. Just his titles alone tend to intimidate people: MD, FACEP (an ED certification), MBA, JD, Helicopter Pilot, Airplane Pilot, Author, Speaker, Business Owner (lots and lots of them), Phoenix SWAT Team Member, Black Belt in Six Sigma. You get the idea, I could literally go on and on.

What sets John apart isn’t his titles, but his genuine love for people and his ability to lead others. He has a real knack for bringing the best out of people.

I remember one of our employees speaking to him about a year into a project. The project just wasn’t moving in the right direction and we were literally going to start again from scratch. The employee felt guilty and was apologizing for the wasted time and money.

John’s response was so simple. “Did you learn from the experience?” and then “Is the project going to be better now?”  The answer was yes to both questions. Rather than focus on the negative, he chose to look at the experience as a teaching example and we moved on. One year later, the project was back on track and better than ever.

A few years ago he started a project that has since morphed into a self-leadership/mentoring program called LeadershipYou.

This project is all about helping people learn to lead themselves so that they can be effective internal leaders, which in turn will help them become effective external leaders.

It has been an amazing journey and has become a passion project for me.

There is something amazing about being able to channel so much of your time and energy into a project that you love and know can and will have a huge impact on people.

Anyway, the whole reason I wrote this post was to ask you guys to visit the LeadershipYou website and watch our online leadership course.

Everything is free and broken down into 16 short videos.  If you are a teacher there are also free lesson plans.  Each video highlight different aspects of the self-leadership process.  Most of the videos are 3-5 minutes in length.

You can watch all 16 leadership videos or focus on specific portions of self-leadership that speak to you, like:

  • Forging Your Path in Life
  • Risk Taking
  • Redefining How You Think About Failure
  • How to Lead Yourself into and Through Challenges
  • Capitalize (or Focus) on What You Can Control

I’m probably a little bit biased, but I love these videos and really do think they can have a powerful impact on learning the various aspects of self-leadership.

One of my favorite lessons is #10, which is on the power of positive peers.

I know that most of my success in life has been impacted by the friends I have chosen. I’m constantly surrounded by people who are positive and uplifting. People who are constantly building me up and who I hope I do the same for.

It is so easy to forget the impact that the daily messages we hear can have on our ability to move forward in our lives.

Self Leadership is Critical to Successful Living

I love the concept of Self-Leadership and believe it is pivotal to success in all aspect of our lives. I’m really excited to be part of this project and would love your feedback (even the negative stuff).  We really want this site and the videos to be a resource that anyone can use to help themselves grow.

Photo Credit:  My brother took this picture on Kauai, check out his Instagram feed for even more amazing shots – @matt_esplin





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