Prayers for Addie Goose

Prayers for Addie Goose

Over the weekend our neighbor’s daughter Addie was in a horrible accident.   She fell from a two story window and is currently in the hospital fighting for her life with a fractured skull, and breaks to her spine and clavicle.

I just can’t stop thinking about Addie and her family.

I’ve tried putting myself in their situation and I can’t even begin to comprehend the depth of their feelings.  To watch a child suffer is ever parents worst nightmare.

Jon and Allie, her parents are amazing people. Jon is the one who has come to our home multiple times to help move stuff (always last minute). Allie is the first person to bring a meal or lend a listening ear when something is wrong.

They are the neighbors I borrowed Paprika from a few weeks ago. They are the ones who brought us a little treat for Christmas.

They are the neighbors who borrowed our extra car for a week when their car died and returned it cleaner than it has been in years.

They are the neighbors who are always playing outside with their kids and talking to the other neighbors.

They are the neighbor’s everyone wishes they had.

Now, they are suffering through every parent’s worst nightmare.

It this point, there are so many unknowns for them. What I do know is that Addie has a very long recovery period ahead of her.

Addie is a fighter.  I know that she will fight to the bitter end to stay with her family.

Right now Addie needs your prayers, love, and support.

I know that many of you see these stories over and over on your news feed. I know that at times, they all start to blend together. I’ve been guilty of seeing the posts and just skipping by them.

Everything changes when you know the person in the post.

I know that most of you who read my blog don’t know the Randall family. They are wonderful amazing people who will come through this trial with the love and support of their friends and family.

The Randalls are so strong.

However, I know that the road ahead of them is going to be very long, hard and expensive.

Please pray for Addie and her family and if you have the financial means, please contribute.

Here is a link to a Gofundme account set up for the family.  Prayers for Addie Goose.

I don’t like the fees that are charged on Gofundme accounts but understand their purpose.  If you feel comfortable you can also use Venmo to send money directly to the family.  Venmo – @allierandall

Thank you,


PS.  Additional information can be found on their facebook page.  Prayers for Addie Goose



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