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Join the journey to discover how the experts manage their money, increase their wealth and build passive income.

Daily Successful Living is a result of constant attention to detail when it comes to personal finance.  Learn tips from the pros to help you save money, reduce debt and plan for retirement and earn extra income

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Season 1, Episode 2

How Jackie Beck Paid Off Her $100,000 Mortgage In Three Years

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Amy White, MBA

Amy White, MBA

Amy White began her personal finance journey with $446,000 in debt.  She and her husband paid off $293,000 in five years and are currently paying off the remaining $100.000 left on their home.  

Paying off debt began a journey of financial discovery for Amy which eventually led to her blog Daily Successful Living and now this Podcast.  

Her goal is to educate woman about money, how to save money, help it grow and how to make more of it!

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