Party Bus for Homecoming – I think not


Today is homecoming for our daughter.  I knew that homecoming and the other dances in high school have changed a lot since I was in school.

What I didn’t expect was the concept of the “Party Bus”.  I guess the new thing is to rent an RV, get a willing adult (to make the other parents feel good) and then party the night away while driving around town.

Am I the only one that thinks this is a crazy idea – not to mention fairly expensive?

The Homecoming Party Bus

The Homecoming Party Bus

The kids weren’t able to work out the logistics on the party bus, so the plan got shifted to spending the night at the home of one of the boys in the group.  Somehow, they were able to find parents crazy enough to house 10 kids after homecoming.

It would have been 12, but we said no.

We’ll allow for a later night then normal, but I’m just not willing to allow my daughter to spend the night at some random house in what amounts to a unisex sleep over.

Our daughter wasn’t all that surprised at the decision and didn’t push back.  I actually think there was a part of her that was relieved to have an excuse not to spend the night – not that she would ever admit it.

What did surprise me was how many parents went right along with these plans (and other even crazier plans).

I’m a firm believer in teaching correct principles and then letting kids make their own choices.  However, I don’t believe in deliberately allowing my kids in potentially dangerous situations.  I’m sure the parents are wonderful people, but the chances of them controlling that many kids for an entire night are pretty slim.

I’ve learned over the last few years, that teenager will find a way to do the bad stuff – it is amazing the method they will utilize to break the rules.  The only way to really prevent these bad decisions is to help them find reasons to stay away from the drugs, alcohol and sexualization that runs rampant in today’s high schools.

Do I believe in my daughter and her ability to make good decisions?  Yes!  She is an amazing person.

However peer pressure and the group mentality that occurs late at night are very hard to overcome.

It is really hard to remember why drugs are so dangerous when all your friends are getting high and having a blast.  It is hard to understand the consequences of having sex before you are emotionally ready to deal with the responsibilities of a “real” relationship when you are making out with someone.  It is hard to say no to alcohol when everyone around you is drinking.

As an adult I can see all of this and the decisions are so easy and obvious to me.  It is all about logic for me.

However, teenagers seem to be missing the logic part of their brain and are often ruled entirely by emotions – discussed previously in this post.   Everything is high drama and they live for the here and now.  It is a daily challenge to remind them of their future goals and aspirations.  We literally need to be reminding them over and over again of their goals and what they need to be doing now to accomplish those goals.

I’m not sure if I’m succeeding, but my goal is to daily let my girls know they are loved and that they have divine potential.

My goal is to daily reinforce their self-confidence and natural desire to do better every day.

My goal is to constantly give them encouragement and help them work towards their goals.

My goal quite simply is to be their Mother.

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