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85+ Home Budget Categories To Help You Track Your Spending

Ultimate List of Home Budget Categories: If you want to have a successful budget one of the best tricks I’ve found is to make sure my list of upcoming household expenses is accurate. Years ago to help me stay on budget, I put together my ultimate list of home budget...

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Using Personal Capital for Retirement Planning

How To Use Personal Capital's Retirement Planner: I'm tired of wondering if I'm going to have enough money when I retire.  I know there are no guarantees with retirement investments, but I want to know that I'm on the right track. After my recent discovery that fees...

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Retirement Planning Tip: How to Start Your 401K Account

Retirement Planning Tip: How to Start Your 401K Account I am a bit of a nerd, I love spreadsheets, personal finance, budgeting and 401k account planning.  Nothing makes me happier than preparing an amazing spreadsheet that tells me how much money I should be making...

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40+ Tips For Saving Money As A Stay At Home Mom

40+ Tips For Saving Money As A Stay At Home Mom Saving money as a stay at home mom is the key to successfully living on one income.  Although I work part-time, we do our best to only live on one income so that we can use my income for paying off our home and saving...

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6 Tips To Help You Save For A House In 6 Months

How To Save For A House: Do you dream of becoming a homeowner?  You can probably picture the perfect home in your mind right now and are dreaming of someday taking that step. Saving for a house is a big deal. I’ve purchased two houses in my life and every single time...

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48+ Side Hustles That Will Help You Make Extra Money

48 Side Hustle Ideas That Will Make You An Extra $400-600 Per Month: Let's get real for a few minutes before we start this post.  When I talk about side hustles, I’m talking about legitimate secondary income streams that require a little bit of work. If you aren’t...

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