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Outliers in Medicine

I got to meet one of my medical hero’s a few weeks ago. Dr. Robin Blackstone is a leading bariatric surgeon in the Phoenix area and is nationally known for her work with weight loss surgeries. I originally heard her name a few years ago when John Shufeldt (my boss) was putting together the preliminary work on his Outliers Series.

One of the first books we envisioned was a detailed how to guide for potential doctors. Our goal was to use personal stories from premed students, current medical students and practicing doctors to give an accurate picture of the real world of medicine.

As a practicing surgeon with years of experience Dr. Blackstone was an ideal candidate for inclusion. After reading her chapter in Outliers in Medicine I was even more impressed with her experience and knowledge. A few weeks ago as part of our book promo I was asked to shoot a few pictures and was able to meet her in person.

Dr. Robin Blackstone - Outliers in MedicineIt is funny how you build up an imagine of someone in your mind. Based on her bio I assumed she would be a very articulate, driven women. I was 100% right, but she was so much more. She was one of the most humble down to earth doctors I’ve ever meet.  During the course of our conversation I discovered that she had grown up at the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. We quickly discovered a mutual love of The Grand Canyon and spent the next ½ hour comparing hiking stories.

Later as I reread her chapter, her story came alive for me. No longer was she just another surgeon in my mind, now she was my Grand Canyon buddy. Hopefully I’ll never need her particular brand of surgery, but listening to her talk about her field was absolutely fascinating. She loved surgery and everything involved in the medical field. She has literally devoted her life to medicine.  Our goal is to help her patients regain their quality of life.

Robin Blackstone is just one of the doctors highlighted in the book Outliers in Medicine. The book is being promoted with Amazon and is currently free to download.  If you are interested in the medical field I highly recommend checking it out.


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