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Why You Should Never Limit Your Business Ideas Featuring Maribeth Sublette and Cody Waltz from The Made With Love Market

When you start a small business you literally become a jack of all trades. You have to learn just a little bit about everything to become successful.

Maribeth Sublette and Cody Waltz have taken this to the extreme and completely pivoted their businesses multiple times.  Learn more about their amazing business ability to optimize their network and marketing skills to completely break the limits of what they thought was possible.

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Both of them started out as small shop vendors, Maribeth sold Mom and baby matching t-shirts and Cody organic baby clothing. They loved what they were doing, but saw a need for small local markets for themselves and other vendors to sell their products.

Rather than just hope someone created a place for them to sell their products they went out and started their own market called The Made With Love Market.

As their market grew and expanded, they began to realize that many of the small business woman they were working with needed additional support and direction to build their businesses to the next level.  They wanted other businesses owners to dream big as well.

As a result, they decided to host a 1-day conference, called Built With Love to help women who want to start a small business or small business owners who need some specialized training in various business-related fields.

The podcast is full of insight for Cody and Maribeth on how they founded each of their businesses and the thought and strategy behind each business step.

We talk extensively about overcoming obstacles, how to market yourself and how they used networking to quickly grow their vendor list for the Made With Love Market and then find speakers for the Built With Love Conference.

On the other end, they had to completely shift their marketing to drive traffic to the Made With Love Market and then find small business owners to attend their conference.

The marketing and thought behind what they have built is amazing and I think it will really give you guys some insight into how you can build and grow your own audiences.

Resources to Check out:

  • If you are in the Phoenix Area I highly recommend checking out the Made With Love Market in Old Town Gilbert – It runs every other Saturday (except during the summer)
    • If you aren’t local check out the Instagram Feed for some awesome small local businesses with some top-notch products.