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8 Simple Ways To Make 200 Dollars Fast

There is nothing worse than realizing that you just don’t have enough money to make it until your next payday. Or there are weeks when you have an unexpected expense and really, really don’t want to reach for your credit card to tide you over until your next payday.

Either situation kind of lags.

Although I don’t have a quick fix for either issue, I do have a few suggestions for how to make an extra 200 dollars in one day.

8 simple things you can do right now, to make extra money on the weekends

1. Sell stuff to make extra money

I know, that is the most basic suggestion in the world, but honestly, it works. Particularly nowadays when there are so many online selling sites available.

I’ve found the best luck with selling items on the Facebook market page. I’ve used Craigs List and Offer Up as well. However, what I like about Facebook is the ability to do a little bit of screening beforehand.

There is a certain level of comfort that comes from being able to see someone’s profile and have a general idea of who they are based on their pictures. Obviously, this isn’t foolproof, but when combined with meeting in a public place is marginally safe.

Whatever you decide, make sure you put your safety first.

If you are planning to sell stuff kill two birds at one time, spend some time cleaning out your garage, basement or spare bedroom. I can guarantee that you have a few things lying around you don’t use.

If you have enough stuff, it might be worth having a garage sale.

After all, one man’s junk is another man’s treasure!

If you need some inspiration to clear out the junk check out this book.  This book was life-changing for me.

This won’t make you money this weekend (it takes 4-5 weeks), but if you have a bunch of extra clothing, I love selling my clothing through ThredUp. Check out this post for more info:  Is Thredup Legit? Style on a Tight Budget.

I also sell a lot of my tech type clutter (DVD’s, CD’s, old phones, books) using Decluttr.  It is seriously the easiest way to get rid of extra’s in your home.

2. Ask your neighbors/friends if they have any extra work that needs to be done around their house.

I know asking your friends and neighbors can be embarrassing, but I can guarantee most of them have been in the same position at times as well.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with admitting that you need extra money and are willing to work for it.

There are always a few random house tasks that people hate doing.  Mine is housecleaning.  I hate cleaning and often hire one of my neighbors to help.

List of Simple Household Chores to Earn Extra Money:
• Housecleaning
• Yardwork
• Organizing/cleaning a basement, garage or pantry
• Washing & detailing cars
• Painting
• Decorating
• Babysitting
• House Sitting
• Pet Sitting
• Dog walking
• General errands (including grocery shopping)

These are all simple things that I’ve paid people to help me do in the past. I’ve got friends who regularly post on Facebook that they need money and are willing to do X, Y, or Z if anyone needs their services.

I can guarantee that you have a neighbor that needs a little bit of help with any of these things. You may not make a ton of money, but for a couple of hours of work, you could come away with $50-100.

3. Utilize a skill to make extra money

Simple ways to earn extra money right now. If you are short on cash and need to make money, these tips will help you quickly earn extra cash to help you pay your bills. Learn how to make extra money quickly. #extracash #makeextramoneyIf you have a particular talent, put it to good use. I’ve got friends who make extra money cooking, sewing & teaching.

One of our neighbors recently made cinnamon rolls for Easter weekend and sold a dozen of them for $20. I’m not sure how many she sold total, but the last time I saw the Facebook thread she had 12 orders. That isn’t bad money for a few hours of extra work on the weekend.

Just for the record, I ordered some and they were AMAZING. Cinnamon rolls are my weakness.

The trick is finding a skill that you can easily turn to money by advertising your services via social media.

Be creative and think outside of the box. What is one thing that you can do in your sleep that others may struggle to do? Is this a skill that you can teach? Or is this a skill you can share as an end product?

4. Ask for overtime

Depending on your employer, working some extra hours can be a quick and easy way to earn some extra cash. Sometimes the easiest way to earn extra money on the weekends is the most basic.

Even if you are on salary it doesn’t hurt to ask your boss if he has additional projects that are outside of your normal work scope.

This may help you get a promotion and hopefully earn a bit of extra money.  Just be careful to make sure they know this is beyond your normal scope of work and that you expect to get paid for your weekend work.

5. Complete online surveys

Online surveys are just like they sound.  You literally sit at your computer or phone and answer questions.  They can actually be kind of fun if you end up with the right kind of surveys.

Don’t expect to get rich doing surveys.  You will typically make anywhere from $1-5 per survey and they can take anywhere from 3-20 minutes to take.

I haven’t done survey’s in a couple of years, but when my baby was small it was my favorite activity to do while feeding her.  It is the kind of activity you fit in during little moments of downtime in your life.

Some of the more popular survey companies are:

Keep in mind that your first few surveys with each of the companies aren’t going to be super amazing.  Most survey companies don’t send you the better surveys until you’ve worked with them and completed multiple surveys.

You won’t make 200 dollars fast doing online surveys, but the money does add up and will pay for a tank of gas.

6.  Deliver Food With Instacart or DoorDash

If you have free time and vehicle shopping and picking up food has become a huge industry.  Both of these services deliver food from restaurants or grocery stores to customers’ homes.

You have complete control over your schedule and can choose to accept or skip orders.

My niece does it periodically and will typically earn 100-200 dollars on a weekend for a couple of hours of work.  We live in Phoenix, which probably helps.  I’m not sure how well it would work in a smaller community.

7.  Rent out space in your home

Airbnb is taking over the world.  If you have extra space in your home you can easily make an extra 200 dollars fast.  Depending on your location you can probably make a lot more than just 200 dollars too!

I know it sounds kind of scary to have a stranger staying in your home, but Airbnb takes most of the guesswork out of the experience.  They offer an insurance policy to cover damage and potential tenants are often rated based on their stay at previous locations.

You don’t even need to own your house to use Airbnb.

8.  Become an online tutor

How to make 200 dollars onlineTutoring has become big business especially with recent school closures and the focus on online learning.  I personally believe that this is a field that is going to explode over the next couple of years.

If you have any type of degree or previous teaching experience you can make some serious money through some of the online learning platforms like:

  • Kaplan
  • Chegg Tutors
  • Manhattan Prep

Don’t get stuck in the mindset that you need a degree to become an online tutor.  If you have a skill and the hussle to find your own clients you can easily teach online through zoom or other similar platforms.

A simple Facebook post may be enough to get you started.

Another way people are making money through tutoring is be teaching English through online platforms like VIPkids. The main downside to VIPkids is the hours.  Since you are mainly teaching kids in China, most teachers work in the middle of the night.  However, the pay is great and if it works with your schedule you can easily make more then 200 dollars.

How much can you make as an online tutor?

This is such a subjective question.  Most online tutoring companies start at minimum wage, but if you have a special skill and are popular with your students you will quickly begin earning more.

With the right experience and skill I know people that are making $30-50 per hour tutoring.

Frequently asked questions:

How do I make 200 dollars fast online?

If you need to make the money quickly you’ll need to focus on online surveys and review sites.

If you have a bit more time then you can get more creative and turn your need for money into a side hustle.  Online options would then include affiliate marketing, social media influencer, blogging, freelance work (writing, editing, and virtual assistant work) and selling courses.

If you have some marketable skills consulting is a great way to earn money online.

How to make 200 dollars in one day?

If you have a very limited time, you’ll need to get creative and use your connections and resources.  With such a short time frame it is 100% dependent on your skillset.

For example, my husband can fix anything.  If he needed to earn some extra money he could put a notice out on Facebook advertising his time and come home with $500-1000 from taking care of honey-do lists for friends.

I’m not quite that versatile with my skills and would need to stick to more basic grunt labor type activities like painting, yard work or cleaning and wouldn’t make as much money.

Another option that can quickly earn you cash is selling stuff.  Yard sales can be very lucrative.  I’ve also sold plenty of used clothing, gear, and equipment online for some pretty decent money.

If you need to earn 200 dollar in one day, then take an inventory of your skills and then figure out how you can use those skills to help fulfill someone else’s need.

How to make 200 dollars in a week?

I’m going to give the exact same answer I gave above for this one.  Having a week just gives you a bit more time to get everything ready and earn some money.

How can a kid make 200 dollars fast?

How can a kid make 200 dollars fastThis one is very age dependent, so I’m going to assume your kid is old enough to be semi-independent.  If your kid is old enough to work, then the quickest way for them to earn money is to offer their time.

There are so many more ways kids can earn money today.  The standard answers of babysitting, yard work, cleaning, painting, selling crafts and cooking are always great ways of earning money.

However, think outside the box, does you kid have video or photo editing skills? Do they know how to use social media? Can they provide IT support? I can’t tell you how many bloggers and other online entrepreneurs use their kids to take care of these types of activities for them.

Look into tutoring as well. I know a couple of kids in my neighborhood that tutor or teach music/sports to younger kids in the neighborhood.

One last thought is to really be creative on this one.  My nephew (who is 11) and his friend have a trash business.  They charge $8 to take out and bring in trash cans for their neighbors.  I wish they lived near me, I would do this in a heartbeat.

Earning an extra 200 dollars over the weekend isn’t a long-term financial fix

None of these weekend money making ideas is going to make you rich, nor will they solve the larger money issues that are causing your financial problems. What they will do is hopefully get you through a tight spot financially.

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Once you’ve gotten through the weekend, it is time to really assess your personal finances and see why you are constantly broke, particularly if you make good money.

It may be as simple as finding and eliminating your spending leaks. You may need to sit down and do a budget and then actually follow your budget.

It may be time to start your debt elimination journey.

You need to take a hard look at your personal finances and make some real changes. If you just don’t make enough money then it may be time to start a permanent side hustle that will help you get ahead long term.  If any of this sounds familiar then it is time to get out of your comfort zone and change some of your financial habits.

PS.  One of the best ways to change your financial habits is to create a basic personal financial plan.  This post walks you through creating your first personal financial form and has a free downloadable personal financial planning template. 

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