Macy’s Thanksgiving Rant

Macy’s has decided to open on Thanksgiving Day.  Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy shopping just as much as the next person, but shopping on Thanksgiving just seems so un-American to me.  Thanksgiving is supposed to be family time.

  • It is time to eat way to much food and then pass out in a food coma
  • It is time to see all the random extended family that you love, but are glad you only see a few times a year (this doesn’t apply in my case – my family rocks)
  • It is time for the morning turkey bowl – not that I play, but the tradition is important – except to my Dad who broke his arm during the game a few years ago.  Actually, I guess I can skip that tradition.
  • It is time to fill the house with 60 plus people – yes they really did get that large around our house.
  • It is time to take goofy pictures of everyone
  • It is time to spend hours cooking and then dropping the pie as it comes out of the oven (yeah that was me)
  • Most important it is time to relax and just be in the moment and have time to be thankful for the wonderful family and friends we are able to share Thanksgiving with.

I know that Macy’s and the other stores are just trying to make money.  I don’t have an issue with them being open, it is the fact that in order to be open they are keeping their employees from enjoying the holiday that makes me upset.

No shopping on Thanksgiving

The holiday season really is the best time of the year.  Instead of filling it with shopping trips, lets priorities our families.  Let’s focus on the people that really matter to us instead of getting caught in the consumer trap.

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