Easy KFC Halloween Costume for the Costume Challenged

My sister picked up the cutest chicken costume a few years ago and passed it down to me.

Baby Chicken Halloween CostumeThe costume was so cute that I had to center our Halloween costumes around it.

However, if you have ever tried to do a chicken center costume group, you’ll discover there aren’t a lot of options.  I was going to be boring and do as farmers, but last minute came up with the idea of going as a Kentucky Fried Chicken theme.

It was seriously one of the easiest costume ideas I’ve had.

We already had the chicken costume, so we bought a huge metal bucket and then KFC was nice enough to give us a few of their paper buckets.

We taped the paper over the metal and had a large enough bucket for Ella to sit in.  She was a bit hesitant at first, but seemed to like it later.

KFC Group Halloween Costume

For Colonial Sanders, Aaron wore some light khaki pants with a light suit jacket (all purchased at Goodwill) and one of his white dress shirts.  I purchased some black ribbon for his tie and then used some extra fabric for his handkerchief.

The hardest part was his facial hair.  I looked everywhere for goatee type look and finally gave up.  We ended up purchasing some white fur that we cut and then stuck on with Gorilla Tape.  It wasn’t perfect and kept falling off, but it worked well enough for pictures.

The glasses where reading glasses that we removed the lenses.  For his hair we just used the cheap hairspray dye.  If we had planned a bit better I would have had him grow out his hair for a more authentic look.  I know it looks kind of purple in the pictures, but it really was white.

As for my costume, I used white pants and a white shirt and then made a red apron.  I was planning to purchase one, but finally gave up and just sewed one up rather last minute (the story of my life with Halloween costumes).  I used white fabric paint and stencils for the KFC writing.  I completed the outfit with a white visor.

It is funny how sometimes the simplest costumes are the best.  We won two separate Halloween costume contests with this costume.  Of course, when you have a baby in chicken costume, in a bucket you have a very unfair advantage.

Ironically enough some of our friends also had a fast food theme.  They were a little more jockeresk.  Ella really wasn’t quite sure what to think of them.

McDonalds & Wendy's Scary Halloween Costume Happy Halloween and if you need a really simple Halloween costume idea and have a baby feel free to steal our idea.  Not to brag, but we rocked it this year!





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