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How to Pay off your Mortgage Quickly!

Today I’m joined on the show by Jackie Beck who was able to pay off a total of $147,000 in debt. After paying off all of her consumer debt she decided to tackle her home. She started with a simple goal to pay an extra $35 each month.

She quickly got carried away (in part because of her amazing Pay off Debt by Jackie Beck App) and ended up paying off just under $100,000 in three years. The last year, she and her husband paid just under $50,000.

It is amazing how much impact starting with a simple goal can have on your future.

During my interview with Jackie, we’ll discuss her multiple unemployment episodes during her entire journey and how this experience shaped her desire to become debt free.

If you want a ton of helpful hints on how to get out of debt, particularly when you are unemployed you need to listen to this interview with Jackie Beck.


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  • Pay Off Debt by Jackie Beck App – We didn’t talk much about Jackie’s app in this episode, but if you watch part two of her interview (not yet published), we go into a ton of detail on how the app works.
    • I’m seriously in love with this app.  It replaces all of the spreadsheets you use to track your debt and puts everything easily available on your phone.  You can run different scenarios to see how quickly you can get out of debt based on paying different amounts or putting your debts in different orders.  I highly recommend the Pay Off Debt by Jackie Beck App.
  • How To get a Debt Mindset Reset – If you need a debt reduction boost you need to check out this Free 7-Day Email Course Jackie offers to help you get started.