Ingredients of Outliers: Woman Game Changer Jane Hamilton


Ingredients of Outliers: Woman Game Changer Jane Hamilton

I’m so excited, we finally got our second Amazon Single published at work.

The single is an exclusive interview by John Shufeldt with Jane Hamilton, Bestselling author of A Map of the World, (On Oprah’s Book list) and the award winning novel, The Book of Ruth.

I haven’t read either of her books yet, but have purchased The Book of Ruth and added it to my reading list.  After listening to her interview I was so impressed with her passion for writing.  She loves writing and it shows in everything she has published.

From the Ingredients of Outliers website who said it so much better then me:

“We love this quote above from her about the writing process, the importance of an editor and a few good readers, as well as reading your own works out loud in the presence of company. Although she recommends a few good years, her writing process and formation as a writer was unique in her isolation from input for many years, from an apple orchard in Wisconsin. Learn more about why her recommendations are unorthodox, but work. Hamilton also reports the hardest parts of raising her children in their younger years as a writer and about the importance of her husband in her career. Also included are action items from Hamilton and recommended resources for writers aspiring on a journey like hers.” 

You can find the interview here for only $0.99 on Amazon!

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