Hiking Kendrick Peak Near Flagstaff, Arizona

I finally went hiking again last weekend.  It felt so amazing to be outside hiking again – till the soreness kicked in.

Ella is 10 weeks old now, so we decided it was time to really break her in.  We took her camping for the first time the previous weekend to Kaibab Lake, but this time we did some hiking as well.

I borrowed an Ergo 360 from a friend to try out since our Osprey hiking backpack is still too large for her.

Kendrick Peak Hiking

Fortunately the Ergo worked great.  She was a bit fussy each time we put her in, but once we started moving she was fine.  The best thing about the Ergo was how easy it was to resize.  Aaron is significantly bigger than me, but I could literally readjust in 1-2 minutes for my smaller frame.

For our inauguratory hike we decided to do Kendrick Peak.  Kendrick Mountain is part of the San Francisco peaks and is located North West of Flagstaff between the Kaibab and Coconino Forests.  It is 10,418 feet high with an elevation gain of around 3,000 feet.

Kendrick Peak Hiking

I’ve read varying reports as to the length of the hike but believe the round trip is around 8-9 miles.

There is a large parking lot with a composting toilet at the trailhead.  The trailhead is maintained by the USFS, so it is clean and well cared for.

The hike starts out on what I assume is an old logging road and quickly turns into a well-used trail.  You’d have to be trying pretty hard to get lost while doing this route.  The trail is well marked and easy to follow.

Kendrick Peak Trail

The hike itself is incredibly beautiful.  You will wind your way through a mix of ponderosa, oak and aspen trees.  The ground in covered in pine needles and there were tons of late spring flowers.  Once you reach the middle of the first set of switch backs you are treated to an amazing view of Humphries Peak.

Mount Humphries from Kendrick Trail

Shorty after hitting the main saddle (about two miles in) the storm clouds started to roll in.  Aaron and I went an additional 20-30 minutes (2.6 miles total), but when the temperatures started dropping we decided to be good parents and turned around.  We want Ella to love hiking, not get sick from it.

Based on the route descriptions and input from our friends who continued it sounds like we were about a mile from the top.

Kendrick Peak Trail Hike - Moderate hike North West of Flagstaff, AZ

I’m sad we had to turn around, but cold rain and two month old babys aren’t a good mix.  I’m pretty out of shape, so it was probably better anyway.

If you are looking for a moderate hike with amazing views I highly recommend Kendrick Peak.

On a side note, these photos were taken with my new Panasonic GX85.  It is a mirrorless camera so very compact, but with SLR capabilities.  I had some issues with my first camera, but was able to return it without issues.  If you are interested in a mirrorless camera, I highly recommend the Panasonic GX85.

This photo was taken at noon with very harsh sunlight.  I did some very minor post editing in Adobe Lightroom, but as you can see the quality is phenomenal.

Kendrick Peak Trail - Butterfly

Additional information on the Kendrick Peak hike can be found here:

Hikearizona.com – Route Description with directions to the trailhead

AZ Central – Brief write up about the route.  They rate it as a “strenuous” trail.  I didn’t do the whole thing, so I probably shouldn’t comment, but I’d say it is moderate, not strenuous.

Local Hikes – Route Description with directions to the trailhead.  I included this one because of the comments at the bottom.

Wilderness Dave – Best write-up I found from a fellow blogger.  After reading his story I got sucked into his website.  I may have found another blog to start following.





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