These Guys – Acoustic Trio


My friend Liatt Bailey is part of a group called “These Guys”.  They are an acoustic’s trio based in Phoenix.  They had an amazing concert at a local restaurant over the weekend.

Their normal photographer was out of town, so I took a few pictures.  The lighting was absolutely horrible, so I apologize in advance for the quality.

Liatt Bailey on lead vocal for These Guys

Liatt Bailey – Vocals and Percussion

Liatt's Band - 22

Group Shot of the band

Liatt's Band - 34

This is Andy Adams-Sierra on the guitar and Jake Andresen on the saxophone.  Jake is a guest artist with the band and did a great job.

I was really impressed with how well he and Liatt were able to blend their vocals.

Liatt's Band - 53

Tracy Lynn on the upright Bass.  She just graduated from ASU with a BA in Music and also plays the piano and violin.  I’ve heard her play a couple of times and she is amazing.

The bass sound really adds to the acoustic sound of the trio.  It gives the band a real rich deep sound that compliments Liatt’s tenor voice.

Liatt's Band - 55

The lighting was about as bad as it gets in bar.  The only saving grace was the Christmas lights.  I didn’t want to wash out the musicians by using my flash and wasn’t smart enough to bring a tri-pod.  For this image I pushed my ISO to 6400.  There is a little bit of noise, but overall I was really pleased with the results.  By pushing my ISO I was able to increase my shutter to 1/60.  I had to zoom a little bit, so my aperture was at 4.2.

Liatt's Band - 67

This image was also shot at 6400 and was hand-held at 1/50th.  It has some pixelization and isn’t as sharp as I wanted, but overall I was really surprised when I saw how well it turned out.

I’m shooting with my new Nikon D7100 and after seeing these low light shots am very impressed with the light metering.  There is no way I would have been able to get images this good with my Nikon D90.

Liatt's Band - 4

This was the groupie table.  We were definitely the loudest table there.  If you are a local, follow their Facebook fan page for the concert schedule.  Liatt does a great job of interacting with the crowd and getting everyone involved.  He’ll bring people up on stage and will joke around with the audience.

They play fun catchy tunes that you will want to sing along too as well as a few songs written by Liatt.

Friday they played one of Liatt’s personal numbers call “Space”.  I loved this song and asked Liatt to send me some of the lyrics.

“I long for the place that knows no tears, knows no prejudice and knows no fears.
I can only imagine these things that I describe.
For I’m stuck on this planet along for the ride”
Liatt Bailey – Space

You can listen to a few of their covers on Sound Cloud.  They have one of my favorite version of “Walking in Memphis“.  Take the time to listen – I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Liatt's Band - 36

And the final thought of the day goes to Aaron who found this amazing shirt at Target.  I bet a lot of life’s problems really could be solved if we just settled them like adults.

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