Why can’t I freeze time – Kids shouldn’t grow so quickly

Why Can't I Freeze Time - Kid's shouldn't grow so quickly

Yesterday I wanted to freeze time.  My husband just laughed at me, but my girlfriends, they get it.

Yesterday, I used the last of Ella’s newborn diapers and switched her to size one.

Yesterday, was yet another milestone in her short little life.

Yesterday, she grew just a little bit more.

Yesterday, she moved out of newborn land into baby land.

Stupid huh . . . .  I know I can’t freeze time and honestly, I’m so excited for her to grow and progress.

I have so many dreams for her.

So, tomorrow, I’ll let her grow just a little bit more.

Tomorrow, she will be saying her first word and taking her first step.

Tomorrow, she’ll be hitting her terrible two’s and driving me up the wall.

Tomorrow, she’ll be learning to speak in half sentences and gestures.

Tomorrow she’ll be attending preschool, elementary school, high school and college.

Tomorrow she’ll be my little hiking buddy and climbing buddy, she’ll follow me around and love all the things I love so much.

Then eventually tomorrow she’ll develop her own personality and I’ll no longer be her hero, I’ll just be her mother.

Eventually, she will become a young women and I’ll be able to watch as all of the tomorrows I’ve hoped and dreamed of become her reality.

I’ll watch as she graduates from high school and then college.

I’ll watch as she moves away from home.

I’ll watch as she falls in love.

I’ll watch as she marries and begins her own family.

And yes, I’ll probably cry at each of those milestones.

I can see it all so clearly and I’m so excited for all of these tomorrow.  I want her to have hundreds of amazing first-time experiences.  I want her to have even more second time experiences.

I want her to feel the sand between her toes while playing in the ocean.  I want her to fail and learn to keep moving forward anyway.  I want her to visit a few foreign countries.  I want her to learn the value of money.  I want her to ride a horse.  I want her to know her family and their unconditional love.  I want her to get her heartbroken and then pick herself up and move on.

I want her to set goals and accomplish them.  I want her to develop compassion and love for everyone.  I want her to make true friends who will uplift and support her throughout her life.  I want her to have a relationship with God.  I want her first kiss to be a magical experience.  I want her to experience the beauty of this earth.

I want her to live her own life!

As I write this she is laying in her bassinet cooing away and giving me huge smiles whenever I can catch her eyes.

She doesn’t know or understand the road in front of her.  She doesn’t see all of the tomorrows I see.  She is just happy to be feed.

I see the tomorrows though, and as she hits each milestone in her life, I’ll be there cheering her on.

I’ll be there to help her up when she falls, to kiss away their tears and encourage her to keep going.

I’m so excited to see all of her tomorrows and yet, yesterday, I just wanted to freeze time – just for a few minutes.









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