Flash Floods and Falls: Deaths & Rescues in Zion National Park

If you love Zion’s Nation Park check out this book by Dave Nally. The Kindle Edition is free today – how cool is that!


I haven’t had a chance to read all of it yet, but based on the forward by Bo Beck (one of my all time favorite Zion National Park guru’s and SAR guys) it will be an interesting read.

Here is the book description from Amazon

“Zion National Park is home to majestic and wondrous canyons, cliffs, crags, mesas, rivers, and slot canyons. World travelers remain in awe as they drive, walk, hike, and climb into such a unique place that is filled with vibrant, sacred, and mystical energy. Gradually becoming transfixed, many push themselves further into the wilds, oblivious to weather and dangers, deeper into the backcountry, suddenly finding themselves in extreme predicaments.

These are the moments when accidents often occur. . .and these once beautiful, holy places become menacing and dangerous–sometimes leading to agonizing and horrific accidents–and even death!

Since the early 1900s there have been 73 accidental deaths that have taken place inside Zion’s park boundaries. Hundreds of rescues of outdoor enthusiasts have ensued as well. This book covers all of those deaths, and many of the gripping rescues that have occurred during the past century. Bo Beck, a senior Zion Search and Rescue member for over 17 years, also shares his personal accounts. You will marvel at the riveting stories, and take away a better understanding of how to be smarter and better prepared for your next great adventure!”

For those of you who have never been to Zion National Park here are a few of my favorite pictures of that area:

Heaps Canyon Zion National Park

This picture was taken in Heaps Canyon one of the most difficult and technical canyons in the park.  It took us two days and 1,000 ft of rope to traverse the canyon.

Keyhole Canyon - Zion National Park

Keyhole is one of the easy classic canyons in the park.  You can literally run though it in less then an hour and it has some of the most beautiful sculptured rocks in the park.

Imlay Canyon - Zion National Park

This is the final rappel out of Imlay Canyon.  It is just under 200 feet and you have to look close to see Aaron White coming down.  The lady in the foreground gives you a nice perspective on the height.  Imlay drops into the Virgin River about two hours from the exits, so you get to see the best of the canyon as you float down the river in your wet suits past all of the tourists trying to hike through the water.

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