Christmas in St. George

The last couple of weeks have been crazy!

We spent Christmas in St. George with my family.  Ella was in rare form and had everyone wrapped around her finger by the first night.

St. George Christmas

There is nothing cuter than one baby trying to hold another baby. Check out Ella’s shirt. It is hard to read, but is a special gift from my brother and says, “If you think I’m cute you should see my Uncle David”

She drove Aaron and I nuts by not sleeping but was just as cheerful and fun as ever.  Which on a side note, watch for my upcoming post on sleep training.  The only good thing about her lack of sleeping was that she was so tired that she slept almost the entire 7-hour drive home.

It rained virtually the entire time we were in Utah, so we only had time for one little hike in Snow Canyon State Park.  We bundled Ella up in her Snow Suit and she had a blast.

Snow Canyon State Park

I love the Holiday Season.

One of my favorite parts of being in St. George is our Christmas Eve visit by Santa Clause.  He always makes everything a bit more fun!

For me, Thanksgiving and Christmas, are a time for reconnecting with family and friends.  My life is so hectic right now that I often lose focus of the really important things in my life.  I get complacent and focused on my work and immediately family.

During the holiday season, I’m constantly reminded of all the things I have in my life to be thankful for.  I’m surrounded by amazing family and friend who are so loving and supportive.  I have an amazing husband and children.  I have a beautiful home and a great job that I love.  My life truly is amazing.

St. George Christmas

This is my first time with a young child for Christmas and even though Ella is way to young to really understand, I loved introducing her to a little bit of Christmas magic. She loved the Christmas Tree and the decorations but could care less about any of her actual presents.

I can’t wait until next year when she is old enough to really understand the magic of Christmas.

Not to get too churchy, but I’m reminded of the ultimate sacrifice that Christ made for each one of us.  I’m reminded that I need to do just a little bit better, I’m reminded that I need to reach out to others and find opportunities to serve and help.  I’m reminded that when I’m serving others I’m becoming more christlike.

So anyway, I’m sorry to see the Holiday Season end, but am hoping that the goodwill and love I feel this time of year will continue to carry through 2017.


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