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Is Thredup Legit? Style on a Tight BudgetIs Thredup Legit? How To Dress Well On A Tight Budget

I’m not a stylish person by any stretch of the imagination. I live in jeans and a t-shirt 80% of the time.

I enjoy dressing up occasionally, but it just isn’t my time and season right now. I’ve got a baby and I work part-time from home. I dress up for my office day, church and the occasional social function.

I could rationalize spending a bit of money on my work clothing when I was in the office frequently. Life is different now and my clothing budget reflects this change.

However, I am still a girl and I enjoy having a few nice items of clothing.

Shopping with a 1-year-old is pure torture, so Thredup has become my to to fashion website for dressing trendy on a budget.

How to use Thredup to save money on clothing

What is Thredup?  Thredup is an online second-hand clothing store. It is seriously awesome and so easy to use.

The best part is that they accept used clothing. I’ve sent in 2 clean out bags and have a credit of $38.00. Normally I would have donated the clothing to Goodwill, so I consider this a win.

*Editors note:  I can definitely say that Thredup is legitimate, in the six months since I’ve written this post, I’ve sent in a total of 9 bags and have received $254.99 with an average payout of $28.33 per bag.  Keep in mind, that the stuff I’m sending is all basic stuff, I’m not into designer clothing.  Here are my stats as of 3/17/18.  Thredup is legit!

Is Thredup Legitimate - My Stats from ThredupUsing Thredup has saved me a ton of money through purchasing discounted clothing, but also helped me earn money by selling older clothing I wasn’t wearing.

Selling Clothing on Thredup

Selling your used clothing to Thredup is super simple.  You’ll need to create an account and then order a Thredup clean out bag.   Thredup will send you a huge bag that you can stuff to the brim.

There are two downsides to the clean out feature.

  • They charge you the cost of shipping which is $9.99.
  • Also, you are stuck with the prices they offer you unless you are willing to pay to have your clothing returned.

I figure some money is better than no money, so I don’t stress too much about either of these details.

Keep in mind, you aren’t going to get a lot of money for your items.   The payout for most items is anywhere from $.50 to $10.00 and they are picky about what they accept.

However, it is a great way to purchase new (used) clothing on a budget.

I’ve got a nice little credit sitting around for next time I need a new outfit and since it is used clothing the prices are very reasonable.

How to Save Money by Buying Clothing Through ThredupTight clothing budget? Me too, I've found the absolute best tool for dressing in style while on a budget. Most importantly I can shop from the comfort of my own home.

Shopping through Thredup is super simple and they are constantly offering discounts and sales.

When Thredup goes through the cleanout bags, they are very meticulous about the quality of the items they accept. Don’t bother sending old out of date clothing or well-worn clothing. It won’t be accepted since they can’t turn around and sell it.

If you are into fashion and like some of the fashionable brands then Thredup is an even better deal. They have some amazing prices on some of the higher end clothing.

The other feature I like is their search functions. You can run searches based on virtually any parameter including: Size, Color, Style, Brand, Condition, and Price. I can even run a search in tops for different sleeve lengths and neck styles.  I love this feature, Ella has a tendency to pull on my shirt tops, so I’m avoiding v-neck shirts right now.

The Thredup website is also super mobile friendly which makes it easy to do my budget clothing shopping while taking care of my baby.

I’m still too cheap to buy most of the nicer names, but I’ve been tempted a few times – the prices are that good.

I still think you can find better deals at local second-hand exchange stores, but Thredup is a great resource for people like me who hate shopping, don’t want to shop with a baby, and are frugal spenders.  It is even better if you are a budget clothing shopper or a recovering shop-a-holic who needs the Maria Kondo method of tidying up.

Some of the best deals I’ve gotten with Thredup is for used baby clothing.

It is crazy to me how much money people spend on kids clothing. Ella is a crazy destructive baby and is constantly staining her clothing. I’m not about to pay full price for anything that she wears. Talk about a waste of money.

I love being able to purchase discounted baby clothing through Thredup.

If you want to be Trendy on Budget you need to check out Thredup

If you want to give it a try use this link for ThredUp. If you do, you’ll get a $10 credit and more importantly, I’ll get a $10 credit too. Feel free to help me fund my clothing budget.

After using Thredup a few times, I’m happy to report that Thredup is legit and is a great way to shop for clothing on a budget.

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