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My Husband Aaron and I

My Husband Aaron and I

My name is Amy Esplin White.  This blog began as an experiment for work.  I quickly discovered that I loved writing, researching and sharing knowledge, so I kept right on writing.

My goal is to provide worthwhile content related to personal finance, parenting and all the fun stuff in my life.

Recently my husband and I paid off $293,000 in debt, as I’ve shared my progress and worked towards this personal financial goal I’ve realized that my story has resonated with many people.

I’d like this blog to be a resource for anyone struggling with their personal finances.

I enjoy researching various subjects.  If you are interested in a particular aspect of personal finance and need help, please let me know and I’ll do my best to help answer your questions.

I am currently experimenting with affiliate marketing.  If you purchase a product I link to, I may receive a commission.  It isn’t a lot of money, but maybe someday it will fund a new camera – so thank you if you purchase anything I recommend.

Aaron and I in Keyhole Canyon in Zion National Park

Aaron and I in Keyhole Canyon in Zion National Park

On a personal level I love photography, rock climbing, hiking, canyoneering, wakeboarding and wakesurfing. I tried scuba diving for the first time this year and absolutely loved it. I enjoy reading and try to stay up to date with current events.

Mostly I just love spending time with my husband and our four kids and my grandsons.

Because I’m a bit eclectic, I can’t seem to write about just one things, so I’ve started two additional blogs.

Digital Media Education – is a blogging blog and covers all the information I’ve learned as I’ve created this blog.  If you are interested in blogging I highly recommend checking it out.

Camping Education – began when I realized I was loosing my focus on this blog and including too much of my outdoor adventures.  This blog is still a work in process, but I’d love to have you check it out and let me know what you think.

In the business world my boss is a serial entrepreneur, so I have a very eclectic skill set.  I’ve helped start multiple businesses and currently provide over-site and management to a few of the more successful companies.


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