7 Low Cost Newborn Baby Gifts For New Mothers

7 Low Cost Newborn Gifts for New Mothers - Best ideas for baby shower gifts that will actually get used.

I’m a new mother and definitely not an expert, but I’ve found a few products that I consider completely invaluable for parents.  I’ve very quickly discovered that having the right product for your baby makes life so much easier.

  1.  Lots and lot of blankets & burp cloths

At my showers, people kept giving me blankets and I remember thinking what in the world am I going to do with all of these blankets.  Trust me, you will use them.  During the first few weeks of Ella’s life, I was literally using 3-4 blankets a day.

If you are in a warm area, I highly recommend the light weight muslin ones.  I like to keep her wrapped up, but when it is 120 you don’t want to be using flannel.

I also started using the little baby wash cloths for burping rags.  They easily fit under her neck while eating to avoid getting all of her clothing dirty.  They are so cheap and I was using so many of them that I bought around 30 of them and still use 5-6 of them daily.

  1. Nosefrida Baby Nasal Aspirator

I know, this is a gross concept, but you will be pulling buggers out of your kid’s nose for the next few years, so you might as well get the best bugger tool.  The Nosefrida rocks.  It is easy to use and actually works – don’t bother with the round ball things – they don’t work and are super gross since you can’t clean them.

Your baby isn’t going to love it and quite frankly there will be a few tears, but it is worth their anger.

  1. Buy some formula and bottles even if you are planning to breast feed

I had big plans to breast feed and never even thought to grab some formula just in case.  I never produced enough milk and after a few sleepless nights and lot of crying Aaron had to make an early morning run to the store for supplies.  Be prepared just in case.

     4.  Dr. Brown Bottles Natural Flow Baby Bottles

The Dr. Brown Bottles were a life saver for me.  Maybe they are just a placebo, but they definitely seemed to cut down on the air bubbles that Ella ended up with.  I saw a difference as soon as I switched to the bottles.  I tried using other bottles when she was 2 months old and she started spitting up more immediately.

  1. Gripe Water

Based on experiences of friends this one is hit and miss for people, but at $6-10 a bottle, I think it is worth trying.  I tried it for the first time at 3:00 AM after 2-3 hours of crying.  It was a last resort thing for me and it worked immediately.  I think the bit of sugar was a shock to her system that got her to stop crying long enough for her to realize that she was fine.  I’m not sure that it actually did anything for the actual gas.

Since then I’ve used it maybe once a week and although the results are rarely that quick it definitely seems to help.  In the last two weeks Ella seems to have grown out of her projectile vomiting phase, so I haven’t needed to use it recently.  Hopefully, my luck will continue.

I’ve used the Wellements Organic Gripe Water and the Little Remedies Gripe Water.  They both worked for me, but I like the fact that the little remedies brand doesn’t need to be refrigerated.  We do a lot of outdoor activities and I can’t always keep products at a perfect temperature.

  1. Baby Carrier

I got a Boba Baby Wrap which is great for around the house when I’m doing chores and quick runs to the grocery store.  I tried it last weekend for a light hike and it just wasn’t substantial enough.  I borrowed a friends Ergo 360 Baby Carrier and love it!  Fortunately, I had another friend who gave me hers since they are slightly expensive – sorry this is the one expensive item on my list.

Ergo Baby Carrier

One of the features I love is the easy resizing.  I wore it one day and Aaron wore it the next day and it literally took us 2-3 minutes to resize it for my significantly smaller frame.

  1. Boppy Baby Pillow

The Bobby Nursing Pillow and Positioner has so many uses!  During my brief attempts at breast feeding I used it all the time to help support Ella.  In the middle of the night when you are tired, it makes all of the difference.  Since then I’ve started to use it as a support when Ella is hanging out.  She is just starting to hit the age when she loves it.  I put her in it yesterday and she just hung out and laughed while I was working for over an hour.  A true lifesaver!

On a side note, this is a great product if you have younger children who want to hold the baby.  The can put the boppy pillow on their lap and it helps support the baby.  It makes me feel a lot more comfortable letting younger children hold my baby.

There are a ton more products that I love, but this is a great starting point for baby showers and new mothers.  I’m still experimenting, so if you have any must-have products let me know.




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